Let’s Talk about Collagen

You probably know that it is the collagen stores in the connective tissue beneath your skin that gives you a smooth, supple complexion. A fair number of the stubborn concerns we all face as we get older boil right down to a lack of collagen production. Knowing that you need it, the next question becomes, […]

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facial rejuvenation

Did you know that Refreshing your Face could do THIS?

Every now and then, when you take a good hard look at your reflection, you may notice some things that don’t align with how you envision yourself. The development of wrinkles, creases, and sagging features can take an emotional toll. Conversely, when concerns are appropriately addressed, with a surgical brow, eyelid, or face lift, or […]

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The Drooping Brow: Might Botox be your new BFF?

We don’t grow up thinking much about the signs of aging. We don’t pay attention to the symmetry of our face, the fall of the brow, the angular nature of the jaw line. No, we do not start to ponder these characteristics of beauty until we perceive that we are losing them. An issue like […]

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Breast Augmentation

Taking Care of Breast Implants: Some Hidden Gems

One of the biggest questions patients have when they are preparing to have breast augmentation is how to best take care of implants. Ideally, the right type of care will hasten the recovery process and also foster long-term health of the implants beneath natural breast tissue. There are several tips that may be discussed more […]

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Body Contouring

Now is the Time to Think about your Summertime Body

You may be aware that trends change right along with the seasons of the year. Trends in cosmetic plastic surgery are no exception. During the winter months, even though residents of the Miami area may not be hunkered down indoors in search of warmth, there is a bit less activity regarding lying on the beach. […]

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plastic surgery

Will you be a Different Person after Cosmetic Surgery?

There are an infinite number of reasons why people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery. Making changes to your physical appearance can be a powerful experience. The fact is, many people do hear from their friends and loved ones that they are “different” after their procedure. Sometimes, such statements are made even by those who are […]

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cosmetic goals

What’s Your Ideal?

Ideals. We all have them. Did you know that some of the ideals that people have are actually tied to current trends. It’s difficult in this day and age to escape the barrage of messages from the media about what it means to be beautiful. Women, especially, are told what is in and what is […]

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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Magic: 3 Benefits to Gain

Pregnancy and nursing change everything about a woman. Some of these changes, such as bringing out a nurturing side, are wonderful additions to a loving personality. Some of the changes that women experience from motherhood are not so pleasant. The body doesn’t look like it used to. Sometimes, the new appearance of the body sticks […]

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