Breast Revision in Miami, FL

What is breast revision?

Getting your breasts enhanced is a very important decision to be made and requires careful consideration of all the factors especially on the surgeon who will perform the procedure.  We have all heard of stories of breast procedures gone awry and Dr. Alan Serure of Miami understands the impact that this has not only on a woman’s appearance but on her self-image as well.  With this in mind, we are offering breast revision procedures in our office in Miami to help correct the unsatisfactory results of a breast enhancement.

A breast revision in our office in Miami will involve the removal or the replacement of your breast implants.  This could be because you want to change the size of your implant or there were complications with your previous breast augmentation.  Some patients also have breast revisions when their saline implants have deflated or leaked.  This procedure will also benefit patients in Miami who are experiencing a tightening of tissues surrounding the implant or capsular contracture which may cause the breast to shift in position.  Whatever the reason may be, Dr. Alan Serure of Miami guarantees that you will have youthful and proportional breasts after the breast revision is complete.

What is a breast revision procedure like for patients in Miami?

The type of breast revision procedure that you require depends on the underlying reason why you need this procedure done.

If you are considering getting a smaller or a larger sized implant then a breast revision in our office in Miami is what you need.  The breast revision will involve the removal of the old implant and insertion of the new one.  If a smaller implant is placed, reduction to the size of the pocket in the breast will be made.  The opposite is done if patients wish to get a larger implant where the breast pocket is enlarged in order to accommodate it.

For patients in Miami who have experienced capsular contracture where the capsule and the implants harden, the same incision will be used to remove the hardened capsule and implant. A new implant will be put in place after this is done.

Patients in Miami who experience implant rippling or being able to see and palpate the edges of the implant, will also benefit from a breast revision.  Here, the implants are removed and a new breast pocket is created to provide thicker muscle coverage for the implant edges.

Patients who want to correct their implant position can also come in for a breast revision in our office in Miami.  This will involve the reconstruction of a new pocket within the original one using suturing techniques and reinserting the implants.

There are cases when patients get implants that are too large for their body frame.  Over time, this will result to the stretching of the skin.  And in addition to the removal of the implant to get a more appropriate size, Dr. Alan Serure will recommend a breast lift to be done to lift the breast to a higher and more youthful position. 

Patients needing an elevation of the nipples and areola can also benefit from a breast revision.  Cases like this will require additional incisions.  For breasts needing mild elevations, an incision in the upper part of the areola will be sufficient to raise the nipples and areola.  An incision made all around the areola that extends vertically to the breast crease will be required for patients who will need more lifting.  This procedure will not alter the normal functions of the nipples for breastfeeding because the nipples will be left attached to the underlying tissues that are responsible for this function.

During a breast revision, the original incision made for the breast implant is used most of the time.  After a breast revision, patients in Miami can expect to feel the same post-operative effects of the breast augmentation that they previously had.  Patients will feel slight pain, redness, swelling, and bruising which will start to disappear in a few weeks.  Patients will be advised to wear compression garments and will be provided instructions on how to properly care for the wounds.  It usually takes a few weeks or months for the implants to settle in their final position.  The results are permanent and can be immediately appreciated by patients after the procedure.

Please call the office to schedule a consultation, as you’ll be evaluated individually by Dr. Serure and staff.

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