Out of Town Patients Miami

Miami is a melting pot of different cultures and home to lot of different people. It has also always been the ideal place to go to, solely for the purpose of feeling and looking good. It is for this reason that out of town patients in Miami that come from all over flock to the city to seek out Dr. Serure and his staff. Many people would like to do the same, but are skeptical of the time and effort it may take to travel to Miami. We would not want this to dissuade you from getting the best possible cosmetic care designed to address your specific needs, so let us tell you why out of town patients should head on down to Miami.

We like it better if we see you in person, in the office, for a one-on-one consultation. But we’d understand if you wouldn’t be able to make it just yet. You have the option of having initial consultation done by your personal physician for your pre-operative testing and clearance. Virtual consultations may also make it more convenient for you to let us know what you need ahead of time. We also encourage our entire out of town patients to send us photographs of the particular problem they have so that we can use them as case references. 

You can be sure that our team will be working closely with you to come up with a schedule that will fit your calendar best. Busy work weeks, family holidays, or need to put in overtime for the weekend? No problem. Let us know when you can come over and we’ll make sure you will be accommodated. We would even be happy to assist our out of town patients in making their travel and hotel arrangements. This way, you don’t have to worry too much about booking a plane ticket or scouring the Internet for good hotel deals. Our Patient Coordinator, Lucy Cabrera, will be on hand to help you with your travel needs. You can send her an email about your travel concerns at Lucy@alanseruremd.com.

Please call 305-669-0184 to arrange your personal consultation today. Please note that all of our staff members are also fluent in Spanish and will be on hand to assist you with your needs. We are looking forward to seeing you.