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Breast Lift Surgery in Miami, FL

What is a breast lift?

It is very normal for a woman’s breasts to sag and droop after giving birth, breast feeding, losing weight, and getting older.  However, this is not a condition that you have to live with and there is still a way for you to get back your youthful breast profile so that you can look your absolute best and feel wonderful about yourself.  Dr. Alan Serure recommends a breast lift to his patients in Miami to counteract this effect of aging and of childbirth.  A breast lift in our office in Miami can help correct uneven and sagging breasts and can help recreate the youthful shape and lift of your breast.

The body changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy and weight loss can cause the breasts to be flat, pendulous, and elongated.   A breast lift in our office in Miami is the perfect solution to reshape the breast.  This procedure will also benefit patients in Miami who have their nipple positioned beneath the creases of their breasts, if their nipples are pointing downwards, and if one breast is drooping or sagging lower than the other breast.  For patients in Miami who want to increase the fullness of their breast and have poor skin elasticity, a breast augmentation performed together with a breast lift will be the best option.

Will you be a good candidate for a breast lift in Miami?

There are certain points that our team in Miami will look out for to determine if a breast lift is the best treatment option to help you achieve a youthful breast profile as shown below:

  • Breast lifts are good options to consider if you have symmetrical but pendulous breasts that lack firmness.
  • If your breasts fall below your breast crease when it is unsupported with a bra.
  • If your nipples are pointing downward and are positioned below the crease of the breast.
  • If you have breasts that are different in firmness, size, and position.
  • If you have stretched skin in the breasts and your areolas are enlarged.
  • If one of your breasts is noticeably lower than the other.
  • Patients that have large and heavy breasts can have a breast lift.  The results are not as long lasting as with those with smaller breasts because the weight will counteract the surgical changes made.

Patients in Miami who are still planning to bear children and breast feed are advised to put off the procedure until the time that they are sure that they will not get pregnant anymore because subsequent pregnancy will cause the breast to stretch and patients may require re-treatment.  All patients who wish to undergo a breast lift in our Miami office must be physically healthy and able to maintain a stable weight.  It is a requirement that they do not smoke or have stopped smoking prior to the procedure.

What is a breast lift procedure like for patients in Miami?

The technique that will be employed by our team in Miami will greatly depend on the degree of the sagging of your breasts.  For minimal drooping, a circumferential areolar incision or an incision made around the areola is employed.  For patients in Miami with looser skin and moderate sagging, the lollipop lift or a combination of an incision around the areola and a vertical incision is used.  For severe cases of drooping, a full mastopexy incision or an incision around the areola going down to the crease of the breast and under the breast crease would be the best to use. The sutures used in our Miami office are entirely absorbable and patients may shower the next day after the procedure because we make sure that our incisions are sealed with skin glue.

Patients in Miami will be advised to wear an elastic bandage or a support bra after the breast lift to minimize the swelling and to facilitate the healing process.  A drain will be placed to avoid the accumulation of any body fluid and blood after the breast lift.  Follow up visits will be scheduled to remove the dressings and to check on the healing of the incisions made. 

Patients in Miami can begin to appreciate the results of their breast lift a few months after the procedure once the swelling has gone down and the wounds have completely healed.  The incision lines are permanent but patients need not worry because they fade and become unnoticeable over time.  The results of a breast lift are long lasting and patients will not require a re-treatment so long as they maintain a healthy lifestyle and they do not put on or lose excessive weight after the procedure.

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