Face Procedures Miami

Have you always wanted to change one aspect of your face? Would you like to get rid of those crow’s feet around your eyes? Perhaps, you’d like to bid farewell to your droopy eyelids and marionette lines as soon as you can. There’s no denying that aging is inevitable. However, you can counteract it’s effects to your face by discussing your personalized facial rejuvenation options with Dr. Alan Serure of Miami, Florida.

Discreetly erase the years off your face and restore your youthful glow by setting up an appointment with Dr. Serure. Click any of the facial rejuvenation procedures below to learn more.

  • Brow Lift smoothes out forehead lines and brings back your droopy eyebrows to a firmer position for a more well-rested appearance.
  • Cheek Reduction remedies “chipmunk cheeks” and enhances the shape of your face through the removal of buccal fat.
  • Chin Augmentation dramatically improves rounded or recessive chin structures. It helps achieve a more proportionate and balanced look to your face.
  • Eyelid Surgery provides for a more refreshed and youthful appearance through removal of excess fat and sagging skin.
  • Face Lift reveals a more youthful face and neck by erasing coarse wrinkles, loose jowls and sagging skin.
  • Fat Transfer restores volume to areas that have slowly begun sag.
  • Mini Face Lift (Miami Lift®) is appropriate for mild and moderate facial wrinkling and sagging.
  • Otoplasty or ear reshaping is employed in patients who have protruberant ears.
  • Rhinoplasty or nasal reshaping is a procedure used to improve the appearance and contours of the nose.

A combination of genetics, lifestyle, diet and overall health play a huge role in accelerating facial aging. Whether you prefer to choose a single procedure or combination of procedures, contact Dr.  Serure today to discuss all available options. Click here or call us at (305) 669-0184 to schedule an initial consultation.

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