Mini Face Lift (Miami Lift®)

Mini Face Lift (Miami Lift®) in Miami, FL



Dr. Alan Serure developed the MIAMI LIFT: Minimal Incision And Maximum Impact®, and has become the mainstay of Dr. Serure’s practice. As younger patients begin seeing telltale signs of aging, which may include jowling, loose skin of the cheeks/neck, and fatty tissue accumulating beneath the chin, they become candidates for the MIAMI LIFT: Minimal Incision And Maximum Impact®. The incisions
are hidden such that there are no telltale scars behind the ears, important in men and women with shorter hair, patients who wear pony tails, and patients who participate in athletic activities and water sports. If you are a candidate for this procedure, this can be done with fewer scars, incorporating techniques of mini short scar face lifting.

Facelifts are performed as outpatient procedures, with an overnight nurse assisting in the privacy of your own home or hotel room, or in the hospital with an overnight stay. Anesthesia can be done with “twilight” sedation or general anesthesia, with patients not experiencing any discomfort during surgery.

Bruising and swelling usually diminishes between seven and fourteen days. Most of the cleverly hidden sutures in the hairline are usually removed within ten days following surgery. In many cases with the MIAMI LIFT: Minimal Incision And Maximum Impact®, patients are ready to socialize within one week. Strenuous exercise is discouraged for three to four weeks.

Smokers are not candidates for the MIAMI LIFT: Minimal Incision And Maximum Impact® procedure and the patient must be nicotine free prior to embarking on surgery. As in all procedures, patients must be in optimal physical condition. Patients are instructed to avoid taking Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and fish oil prior to surgery.

It is advised that out of town patients stay in Miami for at least two weeks so they can be observed and appropriate post operative care can be given.

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