Taking Care of Breast Implants: Some Hidden Gems

Breast AugmentationOne of the biggest questions patients have when they are preparing to have breast augmentation is how to best take care of implants. Ideally, the right type of care will hasten the recovery process and also foster long-term health of the implants beneath natural breast tissue. There are several tips that may be discussed more regularly, and then there are a few that you may not have heard before.

Support: Going beyond the Basics
When breast implants are inserted to add volume and shape, weight is also added. This is an important point to discuss because if there is any amount of laxity to the skin at the time of breast augmentation, the added weight of implants could more easily alter the shape of the breasts. Of course, you know that you will need a good support bra in the recovery phase after your surgery. However, did you also know that your long-term results may be best supported with a good 18-hour bra rather than the standard underwire model? We understand that there may be times for which you want a delicate, lacy number to cover the girls. However, on the average day, think of the benefits you gain from adequate support.

Massaging isn’t just for Recovery
Massage can be a somewhat controversial subject for breast implant patients. Some surgeons are all for it, and others feel it provides very little value. Some even go so far as to say that daily massage directly correlates with a longer lifespan for implants. The reason why massage is recommended is because it keeps the space in which implants reside more malleable; softer and more natural-feeling. The practice need not be complicated, just a gentle massage in the shower each day should suffice.

Think about your Teeth
Here’s an idea that may seem like a stretch, but it’s certainly worth contemplating. You may have heard that there is a correlation between oral health and physical health. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream if a condition such as gum disease persists, and there is no telling where those microbes will go. Routine dental care is beneficial to immunity and infection-prevention, so stay on top of those checkups.

Breast augmentation is a common procedure that can give you confidence in your shape. Learn more about treatment options when you call our South Miami office at 305-669-0184.

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