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Let’s Talk about Collagen

You probably know that it is the collagen stores in the connective tissue beneath your skin that gives you a smooth, supple complexion. A fair number of the stubborn concerns we all face as we get older boil right down to a lack of collagen production. Knowing that you need it, the next question becomes, […]

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The Drooping Brow: Might Botox be your new BFF?

We don’t grow up thinking much about the signs of aging. We don’t pay attention to the symmetry of our face, the fall of the brow, the angular nature of the jaw line. No, we do not start to ponder these characteristics of beauty until we perceive that we are losing them. An issue like […]

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Do you Know These Facts about Botox®?

When you think of anti-aging treatments, especially in the area of injectible solutions, it is very likely that the first product that will come to mind is Botox®. This hugely popular product has been used around the world for several years, but there may just be a few facts that you don’t know about it. […]

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Wrinkles—Know The Basics

Wrinkled skin is a natural side effect of getting older, but what exactly causes wrinkles, and is there something you can do about it?   Here’s what you should know: Preventing Wrinkles Wrinkles are caused by the natural aging process, repeated muscle movements, sun damage, and smoking. While you can’t control all of those factors, […]

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Botox Myths: Things You Should Know

Everywhere you go, people seem to have an opinion about Botox.  Even the mere mention of the word can divide a room.  Some people immediately think of stiff foreheads, devoid of any expression, while others swear by its benefits. Others tend to focus on the rare cases that do not yield desired effects.  When performed […]

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