Getting the Change you Seek: Let’s look at the Surgical Facelift

facial rejuvenationChange. It’s something that many of us resist, to a certain extent. Change is also something that, when we do want it; we want it now. You may relate to this sentiment if you are one of the millions of men and women who have become troubled by the appearance of facial aging. Concerns like fine lines and wrinkles are problems that, for a time at least, feel minor. At some point, though, we hear from patients that their face has “crossed the line;” that it’s time to do away with certain nuisances. When that time comes, a surgical facelift may be the most valuable option.

What is so special about the surgical facelift?

This gold standard of treatment was the original anti-ager. Over time, the representation of this procedure lost its appeal due to overly-tightened, fake-looking faces. This is no longer the norm. Experienced, conscientious plastic surgeons like Dr. Serure understand how to recreate the nuances that make your face look younger and incredibly beautiful. These include . . .

Rounded Cheeks

To tighten the skin and muscular structure across the mid face is not enough. To restore the look of youth, the volume loss that happens in the cheeks must be addressed. When the fat pads beneath the cheeks start to break down with age, this volume seems to slide right down the face. Adjusting the substructure of superficial muscles is the first step in regaining the roundness that you once had. From there, we can accentuate cheek contours with autologous fat or with dermal fillers.

An Angular Jaw

The sharply angled jaw is revered for its masculine characteristics. That doesn’t mean a woman wants to live out her life with a soft jaw and hanging jowls. The jaw bone is supposed to have only minimal fatty tissue alongside the mandible ligament. However, the tissue that is lost from the mid-face finds its way to the jowls over time. By adjusting the position of the muscular structure beneath the skin, the surgical facelift restores the contouring across the jaw line for a more youthful aesthetic.


Most people are relatively tolerant of a certain amount of lines and creases on the face. Those that run from the nose to the mouth, known as nasolabial folds, can become quite deep. Some degree of improvement may be achieved with injectables, but there are instances in which dermal fillers or fat injections are better left as a complement to the surgical facelift.

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