Rhinoplasty in Miami, FL


What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that is used to improve the appearance and contours of the nose to create a more harmonious and proportionate appearance of the face. If patients are not happy with how their noses look like, Dr. Alan Serure can perform a rhinoplasty procedure to address their specific requirements and achieve the goals that they foresee for themselves. Rhinoplasty could include the removal of humps or bumps along the line of the nose, reshape the nasal bridge, adjust the width of the nose, reshape the fullness of the tip of the nose, lengthen or shorten the nose, reduce the size of the nostrils, or adjust the angle in between the nose and the upper lip. Typically, rhinoplasty procedures may not even require any external incisions, but if external incisions are required, then these will be positioned specifically so that they are barely visible after the surgery. With rhinoplasty, the contour of the nose is smoothed down using special “rasps” or files, the nasal bone will be repositioned, and the cartilage of the tip and central portion of the nose will be surgically refined to achieve the desired shape.

What happens during rhinoplasty?

Before rhinoplasty, the surgeon will use local or general anesthetic on the patient to make sure that they are comfortable during the operation. During the procedure, the surgeon will make incisions to be able to gain access to the underlying cartilages and bones that make up the supporting structure of the nose. Usually, these incisions can be made inside of the nose so that no scarring is evident. Depending on the individual requirement of the patient, some amount of cartilage, bone, or other tissues may be added or removed. In some cases, bone or cartilage grafts are used to augment nasal structure. Other times, synthetic fillers are used to achieve the same effect. After the underlying tissues have been reshaped or reinforced, the skin will be re-draped across the nose and the incisions will be closed using skin adhesives or sutures. Usually, a nasal splint will be positioned outside the nose to help support it during the healing period. Similarly, nasal packing could be recommended for use inside the nose to give the patient additional support. Rhinoplasty is generally an outpatient procedure, but the patients may also choose to stay in the hospital for one night for observation.

What happens during recovery?

If surgical packing was placed inside of the nose after the surgery, these will be removed after a couple of days, and the nasal splint and bandages will come off in about a week after that. Patients can expect to see a significant amount of swelling and bruising around the eye and nose areas for several days following the procedure. These should gradually subside, and take about 14 days to improve an appearance. Meanwhile, doctors may recommend the use of cold compresses to help bring down the swelling and to reduce discomfort during recovery. Pain medication may also be prescribed to manage pain at this time. For the first few days right after the rhinoplasty, patients may need to keep their heads elevated to prevent fluid accumulation at the surgical site. Strenuous physical activities are discouraged during the recovery period after rhinoplasty to prevent any complications from developing.

What results should I expect from rhinoplasty?

The results produced by a rhinoplasty procedure are designed to be permanent. However, do not expect to see the final effect immediately after the surgery. It will take several months for the bruising and the swelling to disappear, and during this time, patients will not be able to see the absolute results as the refinement of this type of surgery happens gradually over a period of time, usually leading up to a year. In addition to that, the patient’s own nasal cartilage may still continue to grow under the augmentation, causing the nose to change its shape over time.

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