The Drooping Brow: Might Botox be your new BFF?

browliftWe don’t grow up thinking much about the signs of aging. We don’t pay attention to the symmetry of our face, the fall of the brow, the angular nature of the jaw line. No, we do not start to ponder these characteristics of beauty until we perceive that we are losing them. An issue like a low-set brow is impossible to ignore because the position of the brow directly relates to the heaviness of the upper eyelid. And this directly relates to how awake and how friendly you look. Is a drooping brow hanging like a cloud over your self-confidence? Let’s talk about what’s possible with Botox.

The Botox Brow Lift

Many people have heard of the Botox brow lift. This procedure doesn’t necessarily work only with this particular neuromodulator. Patients of our South Miami plastic surgery office may also choose to lift a sagging brow with a product like Dysport. The overall technique and results are the same.

How it Works

Neuromodulators are injectable solutions that affect the way muscles move. The idea that treatment will “freeze” muscles is a huge misperception, so patients are encouraged to explore their treatment options with an experienced practitioner to get the full details. Essentially, the way a neuromodulator works is by standing in the way of receptors in the muscle and the message to contract. By using the right dosage of product, we achieve the desired degree of relaxation (no freezing).

A Botox brow lift involves injecting small amounts of product into the orbicularis oculi muscle that sits along the brow line. This is a muscle that pulls downward on the tissues above it. On the other side of the eyebrow, the frontalis muscle works to elevate the brow. When we release tension from the one, there is no opposition to the other, and the brow can sit in its proper position.

The Important Topic

One of the most important aspects of any anti-aging treatment is the longevity of results. A Botox brow lift can be effective in many cases, and many patients like the fact that there is no downtime. However, results are limited to about 6 months or less. Repeat treatments are necessary to maintain the desired aesthetic.

Do you want to compare the Botox brow lift to a surgical brow lift? Schedule a consultation with South Miami cosmetic surgeon Dr. Serure at 305-669-0184.

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