Now is the Time to Think about your Summertime Body

Body ContouringYou may be aware that trends change right along with the seasons of the year. Trends in cosmetic plastic surgery are no exception. During the winter months, even though residents of the Miami area may not be hunkered down indoors in search of warmth, there is a bit less activity regarding lying on the beach. It is at this time when we naturally feel the inclination to rest and reflect. Also, wintertime is a great time to think about summertime, and how you will look your best. One way is with a tummy tuck.

The tummy tuck is intended to give you the “cherry on top,” the final smoothing and tightening that your diet and exercise routine may have fallen short of achieving. This procedure is efficient, and it may also be one of the most extensive of all cosmetic surgeries simply because the abdominal area is larger than most other parts of the body. Due to the nature of this surgery, the timing of your procedure is something to consider carefully. Here are some primary reasons why winter may be a great time for your tummy tuck.

  1. Recovery takes several weeks. And this is just to get back to a normal “desk job” level of activity.
  2. The first few weeks after abdominoplasty, the goal is to stay comfortable and eat healthy foods that support long-term results.
  3. For the first few months after abdominoplasty, lifting will be limited to 5lbs and less. This means no lifting little ones (Mom, get the help you need!).
  4. More strenuous activities such as light weight training may resume, but probably not before the 6-week mark after surgery.
  5. The abdominal muscles initially heal quickly, up to about 60%. However, the ability to perform focused exercise like crunches and other core work may not reach 100% for 6 months.

After abdominoplasty, it is important to stay in contact with our office. Follow up appointments will monitor the progress of recovery and help us determine the level of activity that will be safe and healthy for you. If you have questions during your recovery, always err on the side of caution and call our office before engaging in new exercise.

Do you want to know more about getting your summer body ready now? Call our South Miami office at 305-669-0184.




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