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Dr. Alan Serure, a highly experienced plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida, fully understands your desire to have the perfect pair of beautiful breasts – symmetrical, natural-looking, firmer and most of all, bikini-worthy!

Let’s face it, many women have that inner desire to have perfect looking breasts.  A woman’s breasts can affect the way you look in your clothes and how you carry yourself.  Women all want full, balanced, firm, and natural looking breasts that make their entire physique look desirable and amazing especially when its bikini season in the city of Miami.  Some women remedy this by wearing padded bras, but there are just some times when this cannot make up for the lack of volume and fullness that natural breasts have.  Well, look no further because you are just one step away from having the pair of breasts that you have always wanted.

Schedule a consultation now with our resident surgeon in Miami Dr. Alan Serure, and we can guarantee that after your breast procedure, you will tell yourself that this is definitely one of best decisions that you have ever made for yourself.  Dr. Alan Serure of Miami can correct various concerns that you may have with your breasts such as sagging or drooping, loss of volume, naturally small breasts, complications with a previous breast surgery, and even male breast enlargement through our different breast procedures.

Dr. Alan Serure of Miami provides both traditional and the latest technology for breast enhancements so that his patients will have a wide range of options available to choose from.  Our office in Miami, Florida has private treatment suites that are designed for your comfort, privacy, and convenience.  Click on any of the breast enhancing treatments that we offer in Miami to learn more about what it can do to improve the appearance of your breast and your overall physique:

  • Breast Augmentation – this procedure can help you achieve the perfect shape and volume for your breasts.  Increase the volume and fullness of your breasts and achieve the look that you have always wanted through saline and silicone implants and capture your desired physique and confidence in yourself with this procedure.
  • Breast Lift – this procedure can help restore the youthful contours and firmness of your breast that you may have lost due to pregnancy or weight loss.  This is achieved through the removal of the excess skin in your breasts to achieve that youthful lift that you had in your 20s.
  • Breast Reduction – for the removal of any excess glandular tissues, skin, and fat that may cause a woman’s breast to be excessively large in proportion to her body frame.  This will benefit women who are experiencing problems with their posture due to the excess weight that is being put on by their large breasts.
  • Breast Revision – this procedure can help achieve a more natural look and repair any changes that may have been brought about by your previous unsatisfactory breast surgeries.  Dr. Alan Serure will repair your previous implant and will make sure that you will finally have the breast contour that you want after his breast revision procedure is done.
  • Male Breast Reduction – a procedure specially tailored for men who want to achieve a more masculine breast contour and repair their enlarged breasts that could have been brought about by weight fluctuations, underlying medical conditions, and medications.  Dr. Alan Serure understands that having female-like breasts will have a negative impact on a man’s self-confidence and he will help you recover from that and feel good about yourself again.  This procedure involves the removal of glandular tissues, fat, and skin from your breasts and repositioning the areola to achieve a more masculine breast appearance.
  • Miami Lift: Minimal Incision And Maximum Impact® Breast Reduction – this is Dr. Alan Serure’s solution to patients in Miami who want to treat less pendulous breasts and have excellent skin elasticity.  This is recommended for patients who want to have their breasts enhanced but prefer a less invasive procedure to be performed.

Our breast procedures in Miami are guaranteed to change your lives and make you beautiful and more desirable.  Stop looking in envy and take that first step to getting more attractive breasts.  Call our office in Miami, FL today at (305) 669-0184 and jumpstart the change that you have been longing to have.  Start looking your absolute best and finally achieve the perfect breast contour by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Alan Serure and his team of surgical experts today.

Contact Dr. Serure today and begin your journey towards achieving the breasts you’ve always desired! Click here or call us at (305) 669-0184 to schedule an initial consultation.

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