Dr. Alan Serure Plastic Surgery Preparation

prep-docDr. Alan Serure is proud to announce the opening of his new surgical center.

All patients will have an individual consultation with Dr. Alan Serure to discuss their goals and their surgery. Dr. Serure will individualize your surgical procedure and design a surgery plan to achieve your goals. Patients will meet with Dr. Serure’s administrative and nursing staff to discuss their surgical procedure and assist them in every phase of preparing for surgery.

Prior to surgery, depending on the length and type of surgery, all patients must have a physical examination with their physician. In patients over 50 this may include an electro cardiogram, among other tests. Patients should discuss their medical conditions with Dr. Serure or his staff. Certain conditions will preclude surgery, such as blood clotting disorders, a history of deep venous thrombosis, a history of pulmonary embolism or phlebitis, and blood coagulation disorders.

Patients cannot smoke and must be nicotine free prior to facelift procedures, mini facelift procedures, tummy tuck procedures, breast reduction procedures, and breast lifting procedures. Breast patients may require mammography. All patients are always encouraged to stop smoking prior to surgery as it may be detrimental to wound healing. If you have a physician, we will be happy to communicate the necessary pre operative requirements to him, or arrangements can be made to see a physician for medical clearance. Patients must be in optimal physical condition for all procedures.