Laser Treatments in Miami, FL

What are laser treatments?

Everybody knows the cliché about how beauty is only skin deep. But in Dr. Alan Serure’s facility in Miami, we take this old saying to heart and do all we can to make sure that all of our patients have beautiful, smoother, and younger looking skin all the time. One of the most effective ways of making sure that we do this is with the use of laser treatments that are able to address a wide variety of skin conditions from the tiniest freckle to the more aggressive, more prominent skin blemishes. With the use of intense beams of laser light, laser treatments are able to direct pulses of energy into specific areas of the patient’s skin that requires attention and correction. Not only are laser treatments able to address superficial blemishes, they can also be used to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles and significantly diminish the distinct appearance of scars.

What conditions can benefit from laser treatments?

Laser treatments are a great option for the following conditions:

  • Reducing the prominence of facial lines and wrinkles on the patient’s forehead, around the mouth, and at the sides or under the eyes.
  • Improving the appearance of acne scars, or those from chickenpox, or other skin conditions.
  • It reinvigorates unresponsive skin that has recently undergone other cosmetic procedures such as a facelift.
  • Is a great option for treating and possibly removing liver spots, sun damage, age spots, warts, and unwanted birth marks.
  • Drastically improves the patient’s complexion, especially for those who have grayish or yellowish skin undertones
  • It may also be used for treating enlarged sebaceous glands in the patient’s nose to improve skin quality

How do laser treatments work?

During a laser treatment, doctors use a specific wavelength of laser light that emits short pulsating beams of energy directly into the affected area of the skin to induce treatment. This results in the precise removal of damaged skin tissues, gently eliminating them a layer at a time.

  • Prior to the laser treatment, doctors will usually put the patient under a skincare regimen for about six weeks in preparation for the actual laser treatment.
  • During the treatment session, topical anesthetics may be applied onto the surface of the skin to help keep the patient comfortable during the procedure, especially for an extensive resurfacing process. If needed, some patients may be given a sedative to help them relax as well.
  • During the laser treatment the doctor may use a CO2 laser that delivers ultra pulses of energy into the skin to remove layers at a time, without damaging the surrounding tissues. An erbium laser will be used alternatively to address mild to moderate lines and wrinkles on the patient’s face, neck, chest, or on their hands.

A single session of laser treatment can take anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours to complete. After all the indicated areas have been treated, the doctor applies a specially formulated dressing that will protect the treated areas after the procedure.

What are the benefits of laser treatments?

This targeted technique allows doctors to treat specific areas of the skin without the risk of hypopigmentation that is commonly seen with other methods of treating conditions such as the removal of acne scars. Also, because of its gentle action, it is able to gently remove the outermost layer of the skin, without harming the skin layer. At the same time, it is able to direct pulses of heat energy into the underlying layer called the epidermis, to effectively stimulate the production of new collagen that is responsible for hydrating the skin to make it look suppler, firmer, smoother, and younger looking.

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