Let’s Talk about Collagen

Non-Invasive ProceduresYou probably know that it is the collagen stores in the connective tissue beneath your skin that gives you a smooth, supple complexion. A fair number of the stubborn concerns we all face as we get older boil right down to a lack of collagen production. Knowing that you need it, the next question becomes, how do you maintain the levels you need to look as young as you feel? Here are a few tips . . .

Take it Easy on the Sunning

Most of the aesthetic concerns that we attribute to aging actually have quite a bit to do with the UV exposure you may get from the sun or from a tanning bed. Let’s be blunt, neither is safe or healthy. 80% of the damage that happens to the skin – or to collagen production – is related to the sun, so play it safe. In our neck of the woods, this is even more of a priority.

Consider Botox

What? Botox is not a collagen-inducing treatment! That’ right. However, it is thought that there is an advantage to this muscle-relaxing treatment that isn’t usually discussed, and that is the positive effect on collagen. Neuromodulators like Botox and also Dysport keep overused muscles from contracting, as such, they also inhibit the impact on collagen strands that wear down with use. As if you needed one more reason to love Botox, there you have it.

Go High-Tech

As science has obtained clear data regarding the necessity of healthy collagen, several innovative treatments have been developed around this goal. While radio frequency can sound high-tech, it is actually very simple – and convenient. Treatments like Thermage, available in our South Miami office, support ongoing collagen proliferation by heating the tissues beneath the dermis. Results from a Thermage treatment do take months to really notice. For this reason, radio frequency skin-rejuvenation may be best approached as a form of long-term maintenance. As a part of your normal anti-aging routine, Thermage could be the icing on top that keeps you looking young.

With all the collagen-supporting treatments and habits known today, you have a lot to gain. We are also here to help you when a little extra power is needed. Call 305-669-0184 to discuss our cosmetic surgery and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments.

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