Eyelid Surgery in Miami, FL

What is an eyelid surgery?

Aging affects almost all parts of the body, and you may not notice it but over the years, your eyelids will droop and will make you look tired and stressed even after a good night’s sleep.  Dr. Alan Serure of Miami will help reverse this sign of aging and make you look refreshed and young through an eyelid surgery.  The drooping of the eyelids is caused by the weakening of the muscles that support the eyelids.  This causes the eyelids to droop and form bags.  In severe cases an eyelid surgery is really necessary because the eyelid drooping may cause impairment of both the side and peripheral vision.

An eyelid surgery performed in our office in Miami can result to such a dramatic transformation, making our patients feel rejuvenated and youthful.  Nobody thought their eyelids could have such a tremendous effect on how they look.  We often recommend to our patients in Miami that an eyelid surgery be done in combination with other cosmetic surgeries like a facelift to maximize the results and to make the youthful appearance uniform across all portions of the face.

Why should patients in Miami consider getting an eyelid surgery?

An eyelid surgery is recommended by Dr. Alan Serure for his patients in Miami when the drooping of the eyelids are causing difficulty to see and is making it hard to lower and raise the eyelids.  The removal of the excess skin in the upper and lower eyelid can improve the vision of our patients in Miami and will result in a youthful and refreshed look.

An eyelid surgery in our office in Miami can also help remove puffy or baggy looking eyelids.  This procedure will also be perfect for those who show too much white in the eyes because their lower eyelids droop so low.

Like other cosmetic procedures, Dr. Alan Serure in Miami will determine if you are physically fit to undergo an eyelid surgery.  This can only be done to patients who have no serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, detached retina, or dry eyes. 

What is an eyelid surgery like in Miami?

Like any cosmetic procedure that Dr. Alan Serure performs in Miami, a comprehensive consultation is important to determine if a patient is qualified to go through an eyelid surgery.  Our team will sit down with you and go through your medical history and discuss any underlying medical conditions, drug allergies, and previous surgeries.  A list of any medications that you may be taking will be drawn to see if any of them are contraindicated with the medications that will be used for your eyelid procedure.  Your photographs will also be taken for our medical records, your choice of anesthesia, and more importantly, our team will go through the different risks and potential complications of an eyelid surgery.

An eyelid surgery for both the upper and the lower eyelids uses the same procedure and are done under local anesthesia in our office in Miami.  A crescent shaped incision is made either in the folds of the eyelids or close to the lash line.  The incision lines will be made in such a way that it will be well concealed in the natural structures or folds of the eyelid area.  The excess skin and fat will then be removed and once done, sutures will be used to close the incision.  For patients in Miami who have severe eyelid dropping that is very close to the pupil, Dr. Serure may recommend a ptosis correction to be done together with the eyelid surgery.

What is the recovery process after eyelid surgery?

It is normal for the eyes to appear swollen and bruised after the eyelid surgery.  Patients will be given a lubricating ointment for use and will be advised to use cold compress to alleviate post-operative symptoms.  Patients in Miami will be given other instructions on proper home care, including the application of a cold compress to help with the swelling.  Patients in Miami can expect to be well enough to resume work and day-to-day activities a week after their eyelid surgery.

It will usually take a few weeks for the swelling to go down and for patients to appreciate the result of an eyelid surgery.  But it normally takes a year for the incision lines to fade and refine and for the results to be fully appreciated.  Although the results of an eyelid surgery are permanent, patients should still expect for the eyes to age naturally.  It will help if patients maintain sun protection to keep the eyes looking youthful and rejuvenated.

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