Nuances of Liposuction You Need to Know

LiposuctionLiposuction has been a popular method of body-contouring for several years. While technologies have been introduced to make body-contouring a non-surgical process, these treatments require multiple visits and months of waiting, which many of our patients just don’t want to endure. We can understand why, and we also know the value of liposuction when it comes to getting the results you want. A liposuction is a fantastic option, and it is also one that does have some side effects. Post-surgical swelling is one with minute nuances that could have you scratching your head if you’re not prepared.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Sometimes, slow and steady is just fine. After liposuction, this may not hold true for many patients. You have liposuction because you want to love the way you look. Waiting can feel oh so unpleasant, but it’s part of the process. Fortunately, the slow and steady part occurs relatively quickly, when all is said and done. Most of the swelling that develops after surgery does so right away, and it fades within a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean swelling goes away entirely during that period. In fact, it can take a full year for the entirety of swelling to subside after liposuction. The good news is, what remains after your first month of recovery is subtle and shouldn’t stand in the way of you loving your new appearance.

Slow and Steady isn’t Linear

Swelling is an interesting process that may be somewhat curvy. One day, your surgical site may look great, and the next, it may look puffy and swollen. Usually, these variances occur about physical activity. Sometimes because you have increased movement, and sometimes because the movement is needed. For instance, liposuction on the arms could require that you mindfully move your limbs throughout the day to keep fluid moving. Liposuction on the legs, on the other hand, may mean that you notice swelling as you increase how much you are walking or exercising. Not to worry, in either situation, elevation is the answer.

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