Did you know that Refreshing your Face could do THIS?

facial rejuvenationEvery now and then, when you take a good hard look at your reflection, you may notice some things that don’t align with how you envision yourself. The development of wrinkles, creases, and sagging features can take an emotional toll. Conversely, when concerns are appropriately addressed, with a surgical brow, eyelid, or face lift, or with non-surgical treatments, we often see a dramatic turnaround in emotional well-being.

You may already know that facial rejuvenation is an excellent method of restoring freshness and, along with it, a better sense of self. Did you know, though, that amidst all the reasons one could cite for choosing to turn back the hands of time as it relates to their appearance, a career boost is pretty high up on the list?

There are a few significant findings from recent research, including data that suggests facial rejuvenation procedures make a person more:

  1. More people are changing not only jobs but careers during their lifetime. Some studies suggest we change occupations as many as 7 times. That’s a lot of job interviews! The old saying goes, “put your best foot forward,” but that proverbial foot, in today’s society, is really your face. Hiring managers have stated outright in research studies that they are more likely to hire an attractive applicant with some of the right skills than equally skilled applicants who may not look as friendly and driven. Yes, your face really does send these kinds of messages.
  2. To stay competitive, many middle-aged men and women turn to their cosmetic surgeon for help. Signs of aging can take you out of the big pool and place you in a little pond in terms of staying current in the workplace. To stand out does, to some degree, take looking good. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to look like your twenty-something colleagues. You have experience under your belt, and you want this to be evident! However, a perpetual scowl due to deep lines between the brows? This gives the impression that your time has come and gone.
  3. Who doesn’t love being around a confident person! Confidence is wildly appealing to hiring managers and bosses who want to put their trust in an employee who will be a fine representation of their company, and knowing you look as good as you feel gives you the confidence to stand out.

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