Reasons for Rhinoplasty: Does one of these Sound Familiar?

RhinoplastyRhinoplasty is a procedure that many people would like to have. Interestingly enough, there is also a slight stigma with having a “nose job,” as some call it. You know what we say to that? We say that the ultimate point of importance is how you feel when you go out into your day. If your nose is a source of dissatisfaction or, worse, embarrassment, then consulting with your experienced South Miami cosmetic surgeon about rhinoplasty makes a lot of sense.

Thousands of people undergo rhinoplasty each year. Here are some of the reasons they may do so:

  • To improve breathing. A physical deformity inside the structure of the nose can present a challenge, as can nasal collapse, polys, and enlarged turbinates. While functional rhinoplasty may be a common reason cited for restructuring, there is often also a cosmetic component to the procedure.
  • To feel more confident. There is no hiding the fact that a portion of our self-esteem does come from how we look, or how we feel about how we look. A large or crooked or bumpy nose is impossible to hide. Because the nose is so prominent on the face, simply due to location, confidence can take a huge hit when there are noticeable flaws. If confidence is the only reason you get rhinoplasty, then you’ve done yourself a favor.

Rhinoplasty doesn’t just reshape the nose itself; it brings the entire face into better balance. The nose correlates with the eyes, the mouth, and the chin. Any degree of enlargement, bulbous-ness or deviation from the straight line the nose should make, and your face is altered. Consequently, it is also important to recognize that changing the shape or size of your nose through rhinoplasty will alter the appearance of your face. While you may look forward to an improved appearance, this could feel somewhat shocking and should be something you prepare for.

Will rhinoplasty give you a perfect nose? No. There is no perfection to this procedure. However, most people who have a nose job are happy they did and would do it again.

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