Arm Lift in Miami, FL

What is an arm lift?

Do you often find yourself hiding behind long sleeves or quarter sleeves, trying to keep your arms out of sight because they are not as firm as they used to be and are already starting to sag? Then an arm lift procedure may be just the thing for you. Dr. Alan Serure has been helping his patients in Miami to shed the sweaters and flaunt impressively trimmer upper arms by undergoing an arm lift that is a procedure that is used to reshape the patient’s upper arms, in the region spanning the underarms up to the elbows. An arm lift is recommended in cases when the patient has saggy or droopy arms as a result of aging, heredity, or after losing a significant amount of weight. The majority of the people in Miami lead healthy lifestyles, but even though exercise can tone the muscles of the forearm, it cannot firm up the skin that has lost its elasticity or the underlying tissues that have accumulated fat and weakened over time.

What are the advantages of an arm lift?

An arm lift in Miami is performed mainly to improve the appearance of sagging upper arms by reducing the amount of excess skin and excess fat on this area, from the underarms up to the elbows. This process will be able to reshape the arms by tightening the underlying tissues to help smooth out the contours and make the arms look firmer and more proportionate especially for adult patients who do not have deteriorated skin elasticity that makes the skin in this area appear flabby, and also for individuals who have lost a great amount of weight but have a remarkable amount of skin hanging from their upper arms because of the weight loss.

What happens during an arm lift procedure?

  1. At the beginning of the procedure, doctors may give the patient local or general anesthesia to make sure they are comfortable during the surgery.
  2. Incisions for an arm lift will depend on the specific location of the excess skin and the amount of excess fat to be removed. An arm lift can be accomplished using one of several techniques:
  • A trans axillary brachioplasty, or a mini arm lift, tightens the skin of the upper arm using minimal incisions made at the armpits.
  • Other sites of incisions are at the inner arm and at the back of the arm and these are used for severely loose skin. For this technique, the incision extends from the armpit area up to the spot just above the elbow.
  1. If excess fat needs to be removed from the area, it may be removed using liposuction.
  2. Underlying tissues will be trimmed and tightened with the use of internal sutures.
  3. The skin will be stretched and draped across the reshaped area, and the excess will be trimmed off.
  4. The incisions will be closed using stitches or absorbable sutures.

What about recovery?

Right after the arm lift surgery, the patient will see a significant amount of bruising, swelling, and redness at the sites of correction. The arms will be wrapped tightly in bandages to help minimize these symptoms. Drainage tubes will be attached at the surgical sites to remove excess blood and fluids, and these will be removed a few days afterwards. At this point, doctors give patients pain and antibiotic prescriptions to manage pain and prevent infection. Patients coming from out of Miami will be advised to make arrangements for a week’s stay for observation and additional post-operative care.

What results does an arm lift procedure produce?

A tightened and contoured arm should last for a long time, as long as the patient is able to maintain a relatively stable weight. Over time, as the patient continues to age and the skin and tissues begin to lose their elasticity, the restored areas may lose some of the firmness. Other than this, the results of an arm lift are relatively permanent.

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