Will you be a Different Person after Cosmetic Surgery?

plastic surgeryThere are an infinite number of reasons why people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery. Making changes to your physical appearance can be a powerful experience. The fact is, many people do hear from their friends and loved ones that they are “different” after their procedure. Sometimes, such statements are made even by those who are unaware that surgery has been performed.

Why is this? Does cosmetic surgery change who you are at your core? No. You are who you are. And yes, cosmetic surgery can prompt some pretty wonderful changes. Let’s look more closely to see how this is possible.

Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement is one of the leading cosmetic surgeries. A woman who creates volume and shape through breast implants may do so for very personal reasons. Perhaps she would like to finally fit into clothing and bathing suits made for women, not girls. Women often reflect on their small breast size with dissatisfaction so great that it steals their desire to even look at themselves in the mirror. This is not self-loathing; it is an expression that says “my body is not in alignment with how I perceive myself.” Enlarging the breasts, we achieve this alignment, and in so doing, a woman may carry herself with far greater confidence.

Skin Tightening

The skin and connective tissue just beneath the surface also play a significant role in some people’s emotional changes after cosmetic surgery. Consider how the person who has lost a substantial amount of weight must feel when she must continue wearing clothing in larger sizes in order to accommodate the excess skin around her middle. Not only is this skin emotionally upsetting; it can also create a risk for physical discomfort. Not every person who has lost weight needs skin removal surgery. Sometimes, abdominoplasty achieves the intended goal, which is a flatter midsection that fits into clothing, and that looks good when it isn’t covered up.

It is important to know that cosmetic surgery will not change how you see yourself. The intent is to help you reveal the you that you see in your mind; that beautiful, authentic person you are on the inside.

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