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Timing your Cosmetic Treatment

Whether it is your face that you would like to refresh or you have an area of your body that you would like to sculpt, timing is everything. This is true whether your elected procedure requires surgery and downtime or you choose a non-surgical treatment like injectables or laser skin rejuvenation. Because many people seek […]

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You Have Time to Get Holiday Ready!

The mere fact that December is upon us may have given you a sense of slight panic. While you’re busy with the normal holiday preparation, there may also be a desire to prepare your face or body for those special gatherings with friends and family. Just because we are in the swing of the holiday […]

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fat grafting

Fat as a Facial Filler?

Typically, when a patient brings up the topic of fat with a plastic surgeon, the idea is to remove it from a place such as the thighs, hips, or abdomen. Rarely would one think of scheduling a consultation to discuss how fat could be used to restore volume to a part of the face or […]

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dermal fillers

Rejuvenate your Eyes: Hide Under Eye Bags with Fillers!

Under eye bags are a problem for many adults. This cosmetic concern, like dark circles under the eyes, is difficult to avoid simply due to the natural changes that occur in the skin as we age. Historically, puffiness under the eyes has also been somewhat difficult to correct. While there are instances in which blepharoplasty, […]

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Can Dermal Fillers Help You Reclaim Your Youth?

Many women, and some men, have turned to dermal fillers to help them turn back the clock and reclaim their youth. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about this simple, surgery-free way to improve your appearance. How do dermal fillers work? As people age, they loose volume in their cheeks and lips, which […]

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Dermal Fillers- Are They Really Effective?

Aging is a natural process and there is no power in the world which can stop your body from aging. The face bears the brunt of the aging signs with wrinkles and fine lines affecting the beauty of your smile and your facial appearance. While there is no way you can reverse the process of […]

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