Dermal Fillers- Are They Really Effective?

Dermal FillersAging is a natural process and there is no power in the world which can stop your body from aging. The face bears the brunt of the aging signs with wrinkles and fine lines affecting the beauty of your smile and your facial appearance.

While there is no way you can reverse the process of aging, there are ways through which you can ensure that the aging doesn’t affect your body, visibly at least. There are two types of cosmetic procedures available which can get you back your beautiful face free from wrinkles and lines. Cosmetic surgery is one such way while the use of injectable dermal fillers is the other way. With surgery being more invasive, patients often opt for dermal fillers to reverse the effects of aging.

Dr. Alan Serure always conducts a session at first to check the needs of the patient and to understand the expectations as well. Afterwards, depending on the patient’s facial needs and patient’s personal choice, dermal filler out of Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane or Botox is chosen. The procedure itself is non-invasive and a topical anesthesia is given at first before injecting the selected dermal filler in the appropriate region. In Dr. Alan Serure’s experienced and skilled hands, there is little chance of any complications in such a non-invasive procedure.

There is little to no downtime with this procedure and you would be allowed to leave within half an hour of the procedure itself. Results are often visible within a couple of days of the procedure itself as well with almost all the patients finding the results according to their expectations.

Dermal fillers are usually best used to enhance the results of a cosmetic surgery. However, when used alone, they can not only produce excellent results, but can also sustain them for a period of six months or so.

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