Timing your Cosmetic Treatment

plastic surgeryWhether it is your face that you would like to refresh or you have an area of your body that you would like to sculpt, timing is everything. This is true whether your elected procedure requires surgery and downtime or you choose a non-surgical treatment like injectables or laser skin rejuvenation. Because many people seek cosmetic surgery to look their best for a given event or certain time of year (summer sexy, anyone?), we have put together a guide for our patients to use as they plan their better face and body.

3-6 Months for Better Breasts

The recovery period after breast augmentation doesn’t necessarily require a full 6 months. Most patients feel quite well within a few weeks. However, breast tissue and the implants both take time to “settle in.” This is what takes the most time. Breasts may appear slightly swollen and the skin may appear somewhat tight until tissue acclimates to the new size and shape created during surgery.

2-3 Months for a Slimmer You

Like breast augmentation, liposuction provides the fastest and longest lasting results for patients who want better body contours. Also, this procedure does not require a lengthy recovery time. The overall time that it takes to resume normal activities may depend on the size of the treatment area and the part of the body that is treated. Liposuction on the arms or the chin may not take quite as long to completely heal compared to larger areas such as the hips or the abdomen. However, patients are encouraged to expect as long as 3 months for swelling to completely subside.

1 Month for Younger Looking Eyes

One of the most popular procedures among men and women today is blepharoplasty. This streamlined procedure can erase under eye bags, heavy upper eyelids, and even dark circles. Bruising is typically minimal, and swelling gradually subsides over about 4 weeks. In many cases, makeup provides adequate coverage for bruises.

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