You Have Time to Get Holiday Ready!

InjectablesThe mere fact that December is upon us may have given you a sense of slight panic. While you’re busy with the normal holiday preparation, there may also be a desire to prepare your face or body for those special gatherings with friends and family. Just because we are in the swing of the holiday season does not mean that your need for anti-aging treatment must go straight to the back burner. Here are a few ways the team in our South Miami office can help you look and feel your best as this year comes to an end and a new one begins.


Our MIAMI Lift is a mini facelift that can have you holiday ready within about a week. The Minimally Invasive And Maximum Impact procedure was developed by Dr. Serure himself in order to meet the needs of younger patients who want to get a head start on reducing signs of aging such as sagging jowls. The outpatient procedure involves hidden, short incisions that are perfect for men and women with short hair, as well as for those up-dos that are popular throughout the holidays.

Skin Renewal

When a special event is in your future, you want to gain the fullest effect of anti-aging treatment with the least downtime – or wait time. The best way to achieve this is with the appropriate injectable.

  • For concerns related to aging on the upper part of the face, we may recommend Botox. This product has been widely used for more than a decade, and continues to help men and women rejuvenate their eyes, forehead, and neck.
  • Concerns on the lower part of the face, including the cheeks, lips, jaw line, and around the nose and mouth, dermal fillers meet a range of needs. Juvederm Voluma has been developed for the sole purpose of rounding out cheekbones that have flattened with time. Lighter, smoother products are excellent for lip plumping prior to passing under the mistletoe!

Patients in the South Miami area may not have time for more extensive treatments before their holiday festivities, but there are plenty of treatment options that enable our patients to reflect their inner beauty through their face.

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