Fat as a Facial Filler?

fat graftingTypically, when a patient brings up the topic of fat with a plastic surgeon, the idea is to remove it from a place such as the thighs, hips, or abdomen. Rarely would one think of scheduling a consultation to discuss how fat could be used to restore volume to a part of the face or body. This used to be the case, until the development of the famous fat grafting technique, the Brazilian Butt Lift. Now, men and women around the world are building more shapely backsides using their own fat tissue. The old joke about taking unwanted fat from one body part and using it to accentuate another really isn’t a laughing matter in today’s society! While fat grafting may seem fine for the body, you may not have considered the value of the technique for facial rejuvenation. Maybe you should.

Is Fat the Best Injectable?
Injectable solutions have become the new norm for men and women seeking to regain a more youthful appearance. These products, though based on natural substances like hyaluronic acid, are synthetic. They are made in a lab. You can’t get a more organic filler product than fat! And, because of the way that this fat is obtained (liposuction), you get some really nice secondary benefits, to boot.

And . . . Why?
Just because it really is possible to take fat away from one area and give it to another doesn’t mean it should be done, right? True. Fat grafting for facial rejuvenation isn’t for everyone. However, there are key aspects of this process that do make it quite appealing.

Aside from the fact that fat is autologus and so will not produce adverse reaction, there are other advantages to this procedure that make it very worthwhile. The volume that your face had when you were young came from fat cells. Over time, the pads of fat on different parts of the face became depleted. Fat that is harvested, processed, and injected into the face, back of hands, or other area, will mimic the characteristics of the fat that used to be there, creating the most authentic look and feel. Results are also an important factor. Many patients who rejuvenate the skin with fat versus synthetic products enjoy years of youthful vibrancy in their appearance, instead of months.

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