Rejuvenate your Eyes: Hide Under Eye Bags with Fillers!

dermal fillersUnder eye bags are a problem for many adults. This cosmetic concern, like dark circles under the eyes, is difficult to avoid simply due to the natural changes that occur in the skin as we age. Historically, puffiness under the eyes has also been somewhat difficult to correct. While there are instances in which blepharoplasty, or eye lid surgery, is appropriate, many of our patients find that the best way to unpack those under eye bags is actually to hide them with dermal fillers.

Why has fat Collected Under the Eyes?
It may seem odd that fat would accumulate in such a small area. Typically, we expect to struggle with unwanted fat much lower than our eyes! The fact is, the deposits that you are now seeing are nothing new; that fat tissue has always been right where you see it. What has happened is that the connective tissue and skin that have always held fat tightly in its place has become weak and loose. Additionally, most of us also notice that our cheeks become somewhat flat with age, too. These two age-related changes team up to support under eye bags; but we have a solution.

Dermal Fillers to the Rescue
In recent years, dermal fillers formulated with hyaluronic acid have become a cornerstone of aesthetic medicine. We use them to plump the lips and cheeks, to smooth out wrinkles, and even to redefine features such as the nose and the jaw line. Well, now we are commonly using these products to fill the tear troughs. These areas of depression run across the rim of the orbital bone beneath the eyes. As changes occur in the skin and subcutaneous tissues around the eyes, the troughs become more prominent. So, we insert small doses of soft tissue filler into them. After insertion, we are able to gently massage the filler to sit just as we want it. The results of a short treatment are immediately noticeable, and they can last well over a year.

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