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Supporting your Smaller Breasts

Breast size is integral to most women’s sense of femininity and attractiveness. While we are seeing a trend toward smaller breasts, we continue to recognize the value of appropriate shape and volume for each individual. Breast surgeries have been popular since most of us can remember. However, one of the changes that has been noticed […]

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Breast Reduction Surgery—When Bigger Isn’t Better

While many women envy those with large breasts, bigger isn’t always better. Breasts that are too large can be a serious burden. In some cases they make women self conscious, in other cases they cause serious back pain. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce breast size and increase women’s comfort. In many cases, the first […]

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The Miami Lift: Smaller Breasts, Lesser Scars

Not all plastic surgeries for the breast are meant to increase their size. The breasts can still be enhanced and beautified by making them smaller. There are many women who are uncomfortable with the size of their large breasts. The next big thing in breast reduction While traditional breast reduction surgery is the treatment of […]

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Adjusting to Your Smaller Breasts

Not all women desire to have their breasts enlarged. Some women want them trimmed down. You may think it is an unusual choice, but women with breasts that are bigger than the usual often have their own share of struggles and embarrassing situations that they wish their breasts were a bit smaller. In these cases, […]

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Keep That Manly Chest Through Exercise

Although breast surgeries are mostly done by women, men with unusually large breasts, known as gynecomastia, can also consider breast reduction. Here at our Miami male breast reduction practice, men can undergo the procedure to significantly reduce the size of their breasts. We also encourage them to maintain their new masculine look than to watch […]

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Breast Reduction Miami

Breasts have an effect on a woman’s femininity and appeal. Although big breasts look attractive, size is not the only indicator of beautiful breasts. In fact, it has to be proportional to the rest of the body or it will look out of place. A woman’s breasts are products of her genes and body composition. […]

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