Supporting your Smaller Breasts

Breast ReductionBreast size is integral to most women’s sense of femininity and attractiveness. While we are seeing a trend toward smaller breasts, we continue to recognize the value of appropriate shape and volume for each individual. Breast surgeries have been popular since most of us can remember. However, one of the changes that has been noticed is an increased interest in breast reduction versus breast augmentation.

Large, dense breasts are heavy breasts. They are permanent fixtures on the body that can make it difficult to fit into clothing in the most comfortable, flattering way. The weight of breasts also pulls on the muscles of the neck and upper back, across the shoulders. Bra straps may create uncomfortable indentations, and head and neck pain may be the norm. Why live with such frustrations? South Miami cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Serure performs breast surgeries to achieve harmonious body proportions. Here, we will talk about the recovery process after breast reduction surgery.

The Post-surgical Plan

Planning for breast reduction surgery begins weeks before the procedure. A vital aspect of the process is knowing what the body needs as it heals. Soreness and sensitivity should be expected. But don’t worry; there are simple ways to maintain comfort:

  • Take your pain medication! We cannot stress this enough. Patients are usually prescribed an appropriate medication to ease pain in the days following surgery. Following the dosage instructions is advantageous, even if you are not feeling uncomfortable at the time of administration.
  • Don’t worry about bathing. For a few days after breast reduction surgery, the breasts and skin around the nipples may be quite sore and sensitive to the touch. Showering may not be a pleasant, relaxing task, so put it off for another day or so!
  • Rely on suitable support. We don’t mean your loved ones, we mean your surgical garment. A special bra will need to be worn 24 hours a day for several days. This garment is a bit stronger than a sports bra, and should be easier to get on and off as needed. You may transition into other types of undergarments after a week or two.

Breast reduction surgery can be life changing. To learn more about this procedure, call 305-669-0184.

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