Adjusting to Your Smaller Breasts

Not all women desire to have their breasts enlarged. Some women want them trimmed down. You may think it is an unusual choice, but women with breasts that are bigger than the usual often have their own share of struggles and embarrassing situations that they wish their breasts were a bit smaller.

In these cases, breast reduction surgery is a good option. This procedure is the solution to the trouble caused by having overly large breasts. However, having smaller breasts when you have had much bigger ones may require some getting used to.

What to Expect After Breast Reduction

Now that your breasts are already much smaller and firmer, the “freedom” may be overwhelming that you may want to engage in all activities you are already more able to do, such as sports and other activities, but it is essential that you take proper rest for two weeks following your surgery.

Although breast reduction surgery can dramatically change the appearance of your breasts, most of our patients have experienced more comfort with their new body image. In fact, breast reduction is one of the plastic surgery procedures that have gained the highest patient satisfaction.

The results are likely to be permanent, although pregnancy and weight gain or loss can make possible changes on your new breasts. If you are interested in breast reduction, do not hesitate to reach us at (305) 669-0184 to schedule an appointment with qualified surgeon Dr. Serure today!

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