Breast Reduction Miami

Breasts have an effect on a woman’s femininity and appeal. Although big breasts look attractive, size is not the only indicator of beautiful breasts. In fact, it has to be proportional to the rest of the body or it will look out of place. A woman’s breasts are products of her genes and body composition. This means that a woman’s large breasts are most likely similar to her mother’s.

Pregnancy can also increase the size of a woman’s breasts. This is a normal occurrence. However, there are instances when enlargement persists after childbirth.

Oversized breasts are known to cause pain in the neck, shoulder, and head. It can also lead to problems in posture. Rashes and irritation may be found beneath the breasts. It can negatively affect a woman’s emotional state. Sleeping may be hard. All of these problems can be managed by reducing breast size. Losing weight reduces breast size in some women, yet there are others who need to go through breast reduction surgeries.

A good candidate for breast reduction is a woman who feels discomfort and has medical problems because of her oversized breasts. Those that cannot perform their daily routines, cannot sleep soundly at night, and have lost their self-confidence are also good candidates. Smokers are not good candidates and need to be nicotine free before surgery. One must also be in good health. A detailed medical history will be taken by the plastic surgeon to ensure that a woman is fit to undergo the procedure.

Like other surgical procedures, breast reduction also has its own set of risks and possible complications. It is best to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast reduction surgeries to know more about the procedure like Dr. Alan Serure. Dr. Serure, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, is a highly acclaimed plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida who can help you with your aesthetic needs. He has more than 20 years of experience in plastic surgery and has received numerous accolades for his excellence. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Serure and learn how you can improve your way of life, gain self-confidence, and have breasts that are proportional to your body.

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