The Miami Lift: Smaller Breasts, Lesser Scars

Miami LiftNot all plastic surgeries for the breast are meant to increase their size. The breasts can still be enhanced and beautified by making them smaller. There are many women who are uncomfortable with the size of their large breasts.

The next big thing in breast reduction

While traditional breast reduction surgery is the treatment of choice for such conditions, Dr. Alan Serure prefers a new approach when possible — the Miami Lift, which stands for “minimally invasive and maximum impact.” This approach in breast reduction can benefit patients whose breasts are less pendulous and whose skin is fairly elastic. Many of Dr. Serure’s patients who have had Miami Lifts report that scarring is significantly reduced when compared with typical breast reduction surgery.

What to expect after the procedure

There is less downtime with the Miami technique than with other breast reduction approaches. Following your surgery, bandages or dressings will be applied to your breasts to support the area. To minimize swelling, a support
bra will likely be recommended during recovery. You can also expect drainage tubes to be placed on the incision sites, as these are vital for the removal of accumulated fluid inside your breasts.

The Miami experience

Approximately four weeks following the procedure, you will see the full results of your surgery. The incisions will be replaced with scars, but will gradually fade into pale lines. Following your recovery instructions to a T will also help reduce scarring.

Miami Lift in Miami

Ready to become more comfortable with your breasts? Get a Miami Lift today! Call us at (305) 669-0184 to request a consultation with Dr. Serure and learn more about this breast reduction technique.

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