Can Cosmetic Surgery Bring out your Smile?

Eyelid SurgeryIf you’re considering cosmetic surgery, or even a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, you may imagine how rejuvenated and refreshed you will look after your procedure. Looking younger is the primary reason why most people seek treatments like blepharoplasty or face lift surgery, after all. According to research, there could be much more to these procedures, and most other cosmetic treatments. Let’s see why one study suggests that improving the face or body could bring out your best smile.

Research out of Ruhr Universität looked specifically at life experiences among people who had never had cosmetic plastic surgery, and those who did. According to self-reporting through questionnaires, those who had improved their appearance also responded more positively regarding their overall quality of life. Specifically, they felt:

  • Happier, with fewer instances of depression
  • Calmer, with fewer bouts of anxiety
  • More confident and self-assured
  • More attractive
  • Generally healthy
  • More connected to their body

Is it that Simple?

If you have spent any time researching cosmetic surgery, one of the warnings that you have undoubtedly seen is that enhancing the face or body will not make you happier. So, how does this warning fit with the research mentioned? It comes down to a few things: expectations, communication, and follow through.

To go into cosmetic treatment with the expectation that you will like yourself more is a mistake. The Ruhr Universität research supports this. Study participants who were the most satisfied with their overall experience were those who had a good sense of self prior to surgery. Their perception of their procedure was that it was “the cherry on top,” not a form of correcting a flaw. When your cosmetic surgery brings your physical appearance into alignment with how you feel on the inside, you are in a great position to love your results.

Communication is an important aspect of surgery, and it begins at the very first consultation. Patients of Dr. Serure are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need to feel the utmost confidence in their choice of care. We also ask for detailed information related to medical history, including current habits and medications.

Follow through relates to how well you adhere to your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions. Taking time to recuperate is essential to getting back to your normal routine. Initially, your doctor will guide you in returning to exercise. After that, you will want to listen closely to your body, and rest as needed.

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