Mommy Makeover Magic: 3 Benefits to Gain

Mommy MakeoverPregnancy and nursing change everything about a woman. Some of these changes, such as bringing out a nurturing side, are wonderful additions to a loving personality. Some of the changes that women experience from motherhood are not so pleasant. The body doesn’t look like it used to. Sometimes, the new appearance of the body sticks around like a stubborn nuisance, no matter what you do. In such an instance, the Mommy Makeover can do its magic.

We have seen the enormous difference a Mommy Makeover can bring to a woman’s life. But why is that? How can one procedure do so much? The truth is, there are 3 important ways in which this group of techniques can create necessary improvements.

Beautiful Breasts

We have a vision of what we think breasts should look like. After nursing and raising a child – or several – we have heard terms like “National Geographic” used to describe the aftermath. Beautiful breasts aren’t just shapely; they are the right shape. Nipples face forward, not toward the floor. Breast tissue is  perky, not tubular and saggy. During the Mommy Makeover, the breasts are usually one of the primary areas of focus. Shape can be enhanced with implants or with a breast lift, and is always planned around patient preferences.

Toner Tummy

The most ravaged part of a mother’s body may just be her midsection. The stretching that occurs during pregnancy doesn’t just happen on the surface. Underlying muscles right down to the abdominal wall are expanded around the growing baby. Sometimes, these muscles cannot bounce back. This is not any fault of a woman’s body or the size of her child; it is just a natural aspect of pregnancy that cannot be predicted. When muscles and tissue stretch too far, the best way to tighten them is with abdominoplasty. This part of the Mommy Makeover gives a woman back the flat, toned stomach she once had.

All the Right Curves in all the Right Places

A woman’s body is not made up of individual parts. True beauty is a matter of proportions. The Mommy Makeover is all about the curves! Aside from the breasts and the belly, this process can remove stubborn fat from the buttocks, back, flanks, and other areas. Skin can also be tightened as needed to mitigate the Mom Bod.

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