Helping You Regain Your Beauty Through a Facelift

Mommy MakeoverDespite the hundreds of people who have searched for some sort of “fountain of youth,” aging is a natural phenomenon which can’t be stopped. As your body ages and is exposed to harsh environments, it starts to lose its original shape and beauty. Even though there are many preventive measures you can take, once age starts to catch up with you, lines and wrinkles can make your face look like a shadow of is former self.

When this happens (as it almost inevitably will), you might want to opt for a facelift. This cosmetic procedure can turn back the years and restore your face’s beauty through contouring and restoring the tissues and facial skin.

Dr. Alan Serure is an experienced doctor, both in years of active practice and number of successful facelifts. Here in our office, we can help you decide on your best plan of action. The process is simple. First, you will come in for a routine checkup where your facial contouring, state of your skin, and lines and wrinkles are all observed and analyzed. In this visit, we’ll discuss your expectations and why you are undergoing the procedure.

After this initial checkup, a plan will be drafted for the facelift. This is based on your expectations that were put forth in the previous discussion: which places you want lifted, more plump, thinner, etc. This plan is implemented during the surgery itself while you are under local anesthetic. There will be no pain during the procedure and no visible scars after. Cuts and incisions are made during a facelift, but they are hidden beneath your hair and ears.

A regular facelift procedure can take around 4-7 hours. The stitches are removed after the first week, and most patients find themselves capable of returning to routine work shortly after the procedure. Often, the results are not clear immediately afterward due to heavy swelling. However, three or so weeks after the procedure the swelling will subside, and you will be able to see whether or not the facelift was a success.

Losing your original face can be a hard pill to swallow, but a facelift can turn back the years to make you look like your dazzling young self again!

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