Arm Lift or Arm Lipo: Which to Choose?

Arm Lift or Arm LiposuctionSometimes, as the list of available cosmetic surgery procedures grows, people are confused about which procedure fits their situation. That is definitely the case with arm lifts and arm liposuction. Here are the things you
need to keep in mind when considering your options.

Are you a candidate for an arm liposuction?

Liposuction removes pockets of excess fat from spots on your body. It can also be done to address the sagging of your arms. However, not all sagging can be improved with liposuction, which is why it is important to have an initial consultation with your doctor.

You can benefit from arm liposuction if you have good skin elasticity and have little excess skin in the area. It is important for the patient to have good skin tone and some excess fat to gain optimal results from the procedure and regain shapelier, slimmer arms.

Is an arm lift the better option?

An arm lift or a brachioplasty is preferable if you have loose, sagging skin on your arms. Those who have excess fat in the area can also benefit from the procedure. The skin of the upper arm can become flabby and loose due to many factors, which include gravity and changes in our skin quality due to aging. An arm lift can reshape your arms and make them firmer.

Arm lift / arm liposuction in Miami

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