Botox Myths: Things You Should Know

Everywhere you go, people seem to have an opinion about Botox.  Even the mere mention of the word can divide a room.  Some people immediately think of stiff foreheads, devoid of any expression, while others swear by its benefits. Others tend to focus on the rare cases that do not yield desired effects.  When performed by a qualified professional, Botox has the potential to yield amazing results!

We thought we’d dispel the rumors and confusion and supply you with the facts.  Let’s talk about Botox basics and uses and dispel some myths about the product.

  1. So what is Botox anyway? Botox is a protein derived from the Botulism germ. It was originally used in the 1960s to reduce uncontrolled blinking and crossed eyes.  Today, more than 85 countries have approved Botox for 20 purposes.
  2. Botox’s wrinkle-reducing benefits were actually discovered by accident in the ‘80s. A Canadian Ophthalmologist discovered that Botox minimized the appearance of crow’s feet.
  3. The entire world supply of Botox is made from just 1 gram of the Botulism germ! Once a year, a secret jet leaves California to journey to West Ireland, the world’s only Botox factory.
  4. Even though Botox is technically considered a toxin, it’s still considered one of the safest drugs around.
  5. Botox has the secret superpower to stop excess sweating!
  6. Chronic migraine sufferers may find relief with Botox. The drug may impact the pain receptors and transmitters that are part of the migraine process.
  7. Botox for a slimmer you? It’s true!  Many are seeking Botox as a solution to slim their calves and jaws.  New uses of Botox include slimming of the calf muscles, and softening the muscles of the lower face for teeth grinders and TMJ sufferers.

Are you wondering if Botox is right for you?  The only way to know for sure is to give us a call.  Schedule a consultation today!

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