Look Better With Lipo

By this point we all know what liposuction does. It’s purpose is to get rid of a little bit of extra fat and contour the body to what you consider your ideal shape. Since it actually gets rid of fat and is also minimally invasive, it is often considered one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures out there on the market. But what exactly happens during a liposuction procedure? You might know what its purpose is, but do you know how that is carried out?

Consultation, Discussion, and Analysis

Before the procedure starts, you will have many lengthy discussions with your surgeon about what your expectations are. You will discuss together the areas you consider to be troublesome. You will discuss in detail how much fat can, should, and will be taken away from each of these areas. You will consult about your health history and how this will affect your procedure and its effects.

With this in mind, your doctor will mark the areas he or she thinks are most in need for liposuction. These markings will help guide the procedure. Each of these places are then treated with anesthesia, unless a professional recommends general or intravenous sedation. In this case, you will be entirely put to sleep. Either way, local anesthetic will be administered to the treated areas directly, combined with a saline solution to help cut back on bleeding.

Nip and Tuck

Although it is not technically a surgery, once you are under anesthesia, the doctor will make incisions near the places chosen for liposuction. There is no need to worry, however. These cuts are very, very small and specially placed so as to be hidden. These cuts will be practically invisible after the procedure is over; they will be carefully closed with stitches or tape, and they will heal and disappear.

A small straw, medically called a cannula, is then inserted into the cut. This is a multi-purpose tool that is used to both loosen fat and suck it away. The doctor performing the procedure will move the tube back and forth to break up the fat in the area, and then he or she suctions it away through the straw. Voila! No more fat!

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