Thermage! A Facelift Without Surgery!

Many women would like a younger looking face, but are a bit apprehensive about a surgical facelift.  We understand!  Surgery can be scary.  Good news, though.  If you would like a face that is tighter and more contoured, but would prefer not to go under the knife, we have the solution.  Thermage!

A Thermage procedure delivers energy in the form of radio frequency through the skin.  It can make your face look tighter immediately!  Thermage stimulates new collagen production, and your skin will continue to look tighter and firmer over time.

The best part?  Thermage is entirely non-invasive.  There is no surgical procedure or injection associated with Thermage.  The procedure has been proven to contour and tighten skin.  The deep-heating technology is unique, and works on every skin type, unlike lasers.

Thermage is usually performed in one single session, and most patients return to their normal routine almost immediately, since the procedure has very little downtime.

Thermage is uniquely able to improve and stimulate the collagen in all three layers of the skin’s surface.  As you might imagine, treatments that just work on the surface of the skin do little to help improve the collagen in the dermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin.  The Capacitive Radiofrequency technology used in Thermage heats the layers of skin, causing visible toning, texture, and tightening.

Most people will notice the effects almost immediately.  However, the effects continue to be realized for up to six months after the procedure.  Treatment typically only requires one procedure to see the maximum results.

A Thermage procedure is entirely non-invasive.  Patients report feeling a short heat sensation during their treatment.  The Thermage device delivers energy underneath the skin, which stimulates and tightens the collagen.  The procedure is safe, and side effects are minimal.

Are you wondering if Thermage might be right for you?  If you want a more youthful looking appearance, but would prefer non-surgical options, Thermage could be just what you’re looking for.  Give our offices a call to schedule your consultation!

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