Flatter Abs Today

It’s a common misconception that sit ups and diets can give you flatter abs and get rid of the excess skin that you have there.  This is especially not effective when you have excess skin in your abdomen caused by pregnancy, the natural aging process, drastic weight loss, and genetic predispositions.  My patients come to me frustrated that the latest exercise fad or diet craze wasn’t able to deliver what it promises.  Those just wouldn’t work because the skin in the tummy sagged due to loss of elasticity.

The only procedure that can make the abdomen look flat and smooth in these cases is a tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty.  Aside from removing the excess skin, the excess fat in the abdomen can also be removed through a tummy tuck procedure.  This can also help in tightening the muscles in the abdominal wall to achieve a more youthful abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer.

A tummy tuck at the Alan Serure Plastic Surgery involves making an incision just above the pubic area and accesses the muscles in the abdominal wall from here.  The loose abdominal tissues and muscles will be tightened using sutures.  The abdominal skin will be pulled downwards and a small opening will be made to put the navel through.   Then the excess skin in the lower abdomen will be removed to achieve a flatter and tighter appearance.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Alan Serure and learn more about tummy tucks and how it can benefit you.  Call us at 305-669-0184 today.

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