Make Your Thighs Summer Ready

It’s like summer all year round in Miami, FL and everywhere you can see men and women in their bikinis and swimsuits.  Of course, my patients want to look good and at their best all the time and as we age, even exercise cannot correct saggy skin on different parts of the body and surgery is often required to correct these conditions and give a more youthful contour.  The thighs are a common problem area and sagging skin in this area can easily be removed by a simple thigh lift.

A thigh lift can be used to remove any excess skin in the thigh area to reduce the appearance of saddlebags in the hips.  For patients with excess fat in the inside of the thighs as well as outer thigh bulges, a liposuction can be done together with a thigh lift to achieve a slimmer thigh contour.  If exercise and diets are unable to give my patients the result that they desire, then I would recommend a thigh lift to give them smoother skin and better thigh contours that they have always wanted.

A thigh lift at the Alan Serure Plastic Surgery involves making an incision in the thigh area that will vary depending on where the problem area is.  It’s common to make this incision from the groin extending around the thigh.  From here, excess skin will be removed and the underlying tissues will be tightened and reshaped to create a smoother and better body contour for our patients.  If there are excessive amounts of fat tissue, a liposuction will be done while the thigh lift is performed.

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