3 Common Reasons Women Choose Breast Augmentation

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation has skyrocketed in popularity during recent years. For example, in 1997 there were 101,176 breast augmentations—in 2011 there were 316,848.  Have you ever wondered why women choose breast augmentation? Every woman is unique, and so, of course, the reasons for choosing breast augmentation are varied and unique as well.

Common reasons to choose breast augmentation include:

1. A Desire To Achieve A Normal Look

Some women find that they have disproportionately small breasts and want implants to achieve a normal, feminine look.  Other women, have asymmetrical breasts and use augmentation to get symmetrical breasts that are the same size.

Having normal sized, symmetrical breasts can boost confidence and make it easier for women to find flattering clothing.

2. A Desire To Boost Self Esteem

There is no denying the fact that self-esteem can be affected by outward appearance. Some women feel that breast augmentation gives them a more pleasing and attractive silhouette, which in turn, boosts their confidence.

While your self-worth is based on much more than physical appearance, breast augmentation can help women get a look that they’ll be proud of and comfortable with. Feeling more confident can boost your social life, your mental health, your sex life, and your career prospects, so finding a way to love yourself is definitely worth the effort. For some women, the solution is as simple as breast augmentation.

3. A Desire To Recover Something That Was Lost

Your identity and your physical appearance are intertwined, so drastic changes in your physical appearance may leave you feeling conflicted.

Some women choose breast augmentation after age or breastfeeding has altered their bodies. Breast augmentation allows them to get back their old bodies and feel more like themselves again.

Breast augmentation is also common for women who’ve undergone a mastectomy. Beating cancer is an amazing accomplishment, but afterward, many women want to move on with their life looking as normal as possible. Breast augmentation and reconstruction makes that possible.

Whatever your reason for choosing breast augmentation, the important thing is that it makes you feel happy, beautiful, and confident. To learn more about breast augmentation, and other cosmetic procedures, contact Dr. Alan Serure, MD.

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