Otoplasty: What are its Benefits?

shutterstock_59838205Ears are a huge part of someone’s appearance. Think of people like President Barack Obama: their facial structure is defined primarily by their ears. Even beautiful eyes, a well-contoured face, and full cheeks can be overlooked by disproportionally-sized or disfigured ears.

When they’re well-proportioned or covered by hair, we don’t think about ears in relation to our appearance. However, some people are born with ears that don’t go well with their face. Others’ ears are disfigured as a result of an injury or accident. If this is you, you might want to consider corrective surgery. Otoplasty, or plastic surgery for the ears, can be used as both a cosmetic and a corrective procedure to reshape your ears to how you want them.

From your initial appointment at our office, Dr. Alan Serure will make sure he understands what you want of the procedure and do everything to fulfill that expectation. During your first meeting, the physical shape of your ears will be examined in order to form a plan of attack. What do you want them to look like? How much work is required? This meeting is to answer all these questions and more, providing a draft of the surgery.

The procedure itself is performed under a general or local anesthetic, giving you the choice of whether you want to stay awake during the procedure. Our experienced and skilled team always works very hard to ensure that your expectations are met and that there are no complications before and after the procedure.

Otoplasty procedures can last anywhere from 1-4 hours. As it is an outpatient procedure, you will be allowed to go home the same day of the surgery. However, you will need to return after a few days for the bandages to be removed. Total recovery is quick and easy, with most cases requiring less than 4 weeks.

With otoplasty, you can regain your self-esteem and confidently socialize without any fear of any crude remarks regarding your ears. Come ask us about the procedure today, and find out if it is the right thing for you. Fit your face and feel more like yourself!

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