Mommy Makeover- How to Get the Best Results?

Mommy MakeoverGiving birth is one of the happiest moments of woman’s life. However, a mother only succeeds in bringing a new life into this world at the cost of a lot of pain and at the cost of completely losing her body shape.

If you have recently given birth then there are two major impacts which would be visible already. You would have gained a lot of fat and your breasts would have dulled and lost their shape. If you want to get your beautiful body back then you will have to undergo a cosmetic procedure best known as the mommy makeover. The procedure is actually a combination of an abdominoplasty and a breast augmentation. The procedures are performed in one go so that once you are done with the procedure, you would look and feel just like your old self before having given birth!

Dr. Alan Serure is a veteran of a number of successful mommy makeovers and knows how each patient has different needs. It is for this reason that a consultation is conducted at first where the patient is examined to know the full extent of abdominoplasty and breast augmentation required. During the procedure itself, local anesthesia is given and both procedures are performed one after the other. To get your body back in shape, the fat is removed and the sagging muscles are re-tightened, and to get your breasts to regain their beauty, silicone gel implants are done. Dr. Alan Serure and his team go the extra mile to ensure the patient’s well-being and to ensure the procedure’s success.

Recovery time depends on the extent to which the abdominoplasty and breast augmentation is done during the mommy makeover. On average, you would be able to return to regular activities within 2-4 weeks and would be able to run and workout within 6 weeks.

To get the best results and to make sure that the procedure is performed completely safe, you should only place your trust in the most experienced of cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Alan Serure only. The more skilled the cosmetic surgeon, the better you would look after your mommy makeover!

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