Aging: It’s not Only your Face that Gives you Away!

neck liftSince the field of aesthetic medicine emerged, much of the focus that has gone into creating valuable treatments has been on solving concerns related to facial aging. Tune in to just a few minutes of a Real Housewives episode to see just how far we have come in making aging a choice rather than a mandated fact of getting older. Get older, yes. Look older? Only if you so choose. As you go about smoothing worry lines, diminishing crow’s feet, and plumping your lips and cheeks, remember that your face isn’t the only thing that could be aging you.

Your Neck Could be Showing your Age
We tend to give only so much attention to the neck area. That is, until we start to notice loose, thin skin and wrinkles. By this time, it is impossible to recreate a younger appearance using only topical solutions. This is because there are several things going on here. First, the skin on your neck is just as fragile as the skin around your eyes. Because of this, it will show the signs of aging seemingly overnight. Another reason the neck and chin change is because of the breakdown of the platysma muscle, a horizontal rope-like band that gives structure to the neck. As this band droops, the skin from the chin on down loses support. This allows fat cells beneath the chin to protrude, sending you running to the nearest store for a stylish turtleneck.

Want to Look Younger? Look Down!
Putting effort into the face is necessary because this part of the body takes center stage. But missing your neck creates a state of confusion. Your face says one thing, and your neck says something else. To remedy this problem, you can turn to our South Miami plastic surgery office for appropriate care.

  • Thermage radiofrequency treatments tighten skin by remodeling collagen.
  • Botox relaxes the frayed, stressed platysma muscle, smoothing horizontal wrinkles.
  • Dermal fillers can be used to strengthen the jaw line and also to plump lines on the neck.
  • Neck lift surgery is gaining popularity amongst men and women of all ages who want to banish their double chin and smooth their neck.

We are happy to help you customize a treatment program to fit your needs.

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