What to do and Not do Before and After Liposuction

liposuctionLiposuction provides a straight path to a svelte body. This procedure continually sits near the top of the most common list for that very reason. When you have spent months or years trying to get those last stubborn areas of fat to dwindle down, with no luck, liposuction could be the best next step.

Choosing to have this contouring procedure, though, isn’t necessarily as straightforward as it may seem. Here, we want to take a look at some simple Do’s and Don’ts to help you make the most of your decision.

As you prepare for your liposuction journey, DO . . .

  • Explore your options. There are a great number of doctors offering liposuction in the Miami area. They don’t all have the same qualifications. Training, certification, and experience are not a luxury, they are necessary traits you want your cosmetic plastic surgeon to have. Your choice in surgeon is probably the most important decision you will make pertaining to your surgery; even more crucial to outcome than any specific technique.
  • Explore your expectations. Do you think that liposuction will help you drop those last twenty pounds? This may not be the case, so check what you expect. Liposuction is performed as a body contouring treatment, not as a method of losing weight.
  • Expectations may also include aspects of surgery such as recovery and the appearance of results. To think you will see a svelte figure the day after your surgery would be to set yourself up for disappointment. Liposuction causes tissue swelling, and this takes several weeks to subside.

After your liposuction procedure, DON’T . . .

  • Rush yourself back into a workout routine. Recently, there has been a bit of controversy about weight gain after liposuction. Here’s the thing: yes, it is possible to gain weight after body sculpting. Yes, you need to develop healthy eating habits and a good exercise regimen to maintain your results. This doesn’t mean that you should hit the gym too soon. Give your body time to rest and recoup. We will discuss your post-surgery activity schedule during your follow-up visit.
  • Freak out if you notice bumps or lumps beneath your skin. Small areas of hardness are to be expected. This is a side effect of tissue trauma and healing. In pretty much every case of liposuction, lumps dissipate relatively quickly.

It’s great to know that we don’t have to live with a figure that doesn’t suit us. To discuss your body contouring options, call 305-669-0184.

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