Timing your Facelift

faceliftAging delivers small doses of fine lines and wrinkles, year after year. As you progress through birthdays, you may start to notice other consequences of growing older, such as sagging jowls or flattened cheekbones. At some point, you have a choice to make: do you let time leave its natural mark on your face, or do you take measures to reinstate the appearance of youth? Wanting to look younger is not about vanity. We have learned from our ancestors that humans have an immense craving for all things beautiful. Now, we are fortunate enough to create this on our own bodies. The question of whether or not you will minimize the effects of aging is followed by another: when. The answer may surprise you.

There are two ways the question of timing is posed: “Am I too old for a facelift?,” and “Am I too young for a facelift?.” Both questions are valid, and the answers to them are personal. As far as being too old for this surgical procedure, researchers from the Cleveland Clinic suggest that patients over the age of 65 (in good health) are at no greater risk from facelift surgery than younger counterparts.

When is it Your Time?
There is such a wide range of age in facelift patients that one could not really pinpoint an age that is “right.” We see patients in their forties, and we see patients well past the age of 60 who want to reinstate more youthful facial features. Just as one cannot predict an exact time when the signs of aging will become dramatically noticeable, we cannot dictate the timing of anti-aging.

What does dictate timing are the characteristics that are unique to each person. We all age differently and at our own pace. Some people may have had the benefit of beginning anti-aging treatments earlier than others, and some seem to have won the genetic lottery in terms of how quickly – or slowly – they age. What matters the most is not age, per say, but how you feel about your appearance, and how much improvement you want to achieve.

If you have been considering whether or not it’s time for you to get a facelift, you know that now is a great time to schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon. Dr. Serure has been treating patients in the South Miami area for years. His training and experience can help you determine which treatments may be appropriate for your needs and expectations.

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