Get Tighter, Younger Looking Skin with Thermage®

Just as beauty evolves, so do the ways we enhance the appearance of aging skin. Dr. Serure is a wonderful resource for Miami area patients seeking facial and body treatments. In addition to performing meticulous cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Serure understands the immense value of non-surgical options. Men and women who want to get a jump start on anti-aging consider the benefits of Thermage®.

What is Thermage®?

Thermage®The Thermage® device is based on monopolar radiofrequency, a gentle form of electrical current that is absorbed by cells as heat. At precise temperatures, collagen is denatured. As old, tired collagen is broken down, healthy new collagen develops. This produces both short- and long-term responses.

  • Heated collagen immediately becomes thicker and shorter. Over just a few weeks, this change in structure leads to visibly tighter skin. However, because the old collagen is gradually cleared out, the initial tightening effect is only temporary.
  • The long-term response to denaturing collagen is stimulation in fibroblasts. The excitement of these cells promotes an ongoing production of healthy new collagen, which progressively tightens skin over time. It is this response that leads to years of younger looking skin. Additionally, circulation improves in the treated area, which maximizes the metabolism of subcutaneous fat.

Tighten Skin with Safe, Effective monopolar energy

The monopolar radiofrequency delivered to tissues beneath the skin bypass surface cells. Treatment is non-ablative, which means that the total effect of energy occurs beneath the skin. While short pulses of energy heat the cells beneath the skin, the surface is protected by bursts of cool air. Cooling not only protects the skin from damage, but it also enhances comfort during treatment.

Thermage® can address loose, sagging skin on the eyes, face, and body. Patients who prefer a non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation appreciate this single-treatment modality for its convenience and beautiful results. Many of the non-surgical skin tightening devices on the market today require multiple sessions. Surgery, while effective, comes with a short recovery period. With Thermage®, the skin is successfully rejuvenated after just one treatment, and results can last a year or two. No downtime is needed because the most common side effect is short-term redness. Most patients get right back to their busy schedule after treatment.

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