Facelift Myths You Need to Stop Believing!

A facelift is probably the most well-known plastic surgery procedure the world over. In this generation where selfies have become a thing, many people feel a facelift will keep the effects of aging at bay and boost their self confidence. There are some misperceptions about facelifts, though. Let’s address some of these.

“I will look like my 20s again.”

faceliftFact: Plastic surgery has improved over the years, yet nothing can turn back time and fully restore your younger-looking appearance — including a facelift. Although a facelift with Dr. Serure will give you a more refreshed look and take up to a decade off your face, it won’t be able make you look the way you were during your teenage years or early 20s. In a facelift, as in most plastic surgeries, it is important to set realistic expectations before anything else. The effects of natural aging and sun damage on the skin can be addressed with a facelift, but your skin itself can’t return to its younger condition.

“A facelift is not really a surgery.”

Some potential patients think a facelift is non-invasive. Not true. A facelift is a full surgical procedure involving repositioning underlying tissue, trimming excess skin, and a certain degree of tissue trauma. Recovery, while much better today than it was every 10 years ago, involves some discomfort, bruising, swelling, and itching for a period of weeks. Dr. Serure’s expertise is such that your incisions are hidden as much as possible, but there are still incisions and stitches and all that comes with surgery.

“A facelift will provide instant results.”

A facelift is not some lunchtime procedure that can bring you immediate results like a lunchtime dermal filler session. The truth is that you will still experience some downtime after the procedure, wherein common symptoms such as swelling and bruising can occur. It can take weeks, even months, for your swelling to fully sibside and for your results to be totally seen.

A facelift with Dr. Serure can be a very rewarding procedure, but it’s not a fountain of youth. Even Ponce de Leon would know that! Call Dr. Serure at 305-669-0184 to schedule your consultation.

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